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You know shit is real when you have to wait for a hurricane to give you time to write a journal entry...

Hey guys!

I haven't been really active with anything. My online life has been dying and I let it happen, which sucks because I actually liked it. In the past, I've kept saying that I need a fresh start and what not. It never happened because I've never known how to approach it. Its like having a giant car and trying to squeeze into a tight parking spot. It's time to finally push through.

For the past couple of months, I haven't drawn or animated or done anything in my free time. Recently I got a bid to be a part of a fraternity and that didn't work out. It kept interfering with other priorities and and I had to quit. Didn't agree with many things and it was a not so positive experience. Right now, I'm searching for a job. Things are looking good for that so far and it's a more structured schedule for me. 

Animation. What am I doing with it? I would like to take some time to return to learning more about Flash before I do anything major. I'll try to produce small stuff and maybe in a couple of months, I will pick up where I left off with the Team Magix project. I need to be patient with myself this time around. I think that that was an issue that led to past cancellations.

I am also planning to release more art soon. This hurricane weekend will help give me time to do so. Things will change though in terms of focus. I want to start using other characters I have and make small comics. I am no longer doing anything MLP related. I'm not as into the show as I used to be and the fandom is just not for me anymore. A lot of childish behavior and pettiness over crap that doesn't matter. My response to it is negative and it will be because I'm just done with it. I no longer have the patience to handle it. I don't want to deal with grown men crying over things they don't like. Effective this afternoon, all comment sections of my MLP-related content will be disabled. The only time I make something MLP-related from this point on is when I'm feeling extremely inspired.

I'm also removing some old art and interested in remaking some old ones as well. Some art from the past is just not me anymore and it just doesn't look well in my gallery. It'll mostly be stupid crap that no one remembers though.

That should be all I have to say. Thank you to those who still try to keep in contact with me. Sorry I haven't been the best at it lately. Hopefully I was able to communicate what I wanted to say. 


Julian Sparks
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Hello! This is me, Julian Sparks! I am the creator of this page and I am the creator of all the art you see on here! :)
No haters please! Watch me and favorite all the art in my gallery. You have to do it because I said so. I'm also an evil king.

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